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Carrying Crates is a useful way to pass the time when there isn't much going on, it is also a nice way to earn some extra RC and XP.

You can pick up a crate from one of three locations on board the liberator;

Cargo Hold A (2 Nodes)


Cargo Hold A Node One


Cargo Hold A Node Two

Cargo Hold B(1 Node)


Cargo Hold B Node One

Outside Debrief(1 Node)


Debrief Node One

Once you collect your crate you will get a pop-up on the bottom right of your screen telling you its delivery destination.


 While carrying a crate you walk at a reduced speed, however, this can be increased with passive perks you gain from carrying crates. The amount of XP and RC you receive will depend on your boost, destination, and whether a package event is active.

There are six different locations where you may be required to drop off your crate. Each location has between one and three drop-off locations. These Locations are:

  • MHB ( 3 Drop Offs)
  • ERL ( 2 Drop Offs)
  • Armory ( 1 Drop Off )
  • Training Area ( 2 Drop Offs )
  • Port Bridge ( 1 Drop Off  )
  • Starboard Bridge ( 2 Drop Offs )