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Battalion Patrols:

Patrols may be done by Battalions by having a single member type /patrol into the chat box. Once complete members of that battalion will have a message box appear in the top right of there screen asking if they wish to partake in said patrol. (You must have at least two people online in your selected battalion to start a patrol and both players must hit the patrol beacon for it to continue onto the next one. (Please note that as a CT you may not partake in patrols as you are not in a Battalion.)


 Patrol Beacons:


Patrol Progress Bar:



Types Of Patrols:

There are three different patrols you can do in game, the only difference in the three is the amount of patrol beacons you must go through to get to the end. These are completely random, you are not able to select which variety you will do.

Short Patrol: 42 total patrol beacons, starting in Armory

Medium Patrol: 51 total patrol beacons, starting in ERL (Engine Room Lobby)

Long Patrol: 58 total patrol beacons, starting in Lower Bunks Hallway


Patrol Payouts:

Patrol payouts at base payout 120 RC and 4XP per patrol point when you assist with capturing. However there are some modifiers to take into account that will fluctuate the RC/XP you receive from points. Remember that you only receive an end payout for the points you help with, should you start in the middle or end of a patrol your XP/RC will differ from a player that has hit every point.

  • RC/XP doubled if F4 patrol event is purchased.
  • VIP Boost percentage
  • XP boost percentage