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Bail System


Prisoner bails are handled by the Guard Secretary located in Brig Lobby, 10% of the paid bail money is taken as tax, and the rest is split among online CG.

There are certain restrictions set on who is able to bail prisoners. The Guard Secretary will only accept Republic Credits if you meet the requirement.

The restrictions are as follows;

CTs and any enlisted ranks (PVT - CPL) are able to be bailed out by any SGT+
Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks (SGT - WO) are able to be bailed out by any 2LT+
2ndLT’s-LTC can be bailed by any COL-CDR
COL’s-CDR can be bailed by another CDR or senator only
Senators can pardon any rank without needing to pay bail.

For Jedi and Naval, use Rank equivalents:
Knight/CPO = NCO
Master/Ensign = 2LT/Officer