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Main Hangar Bay

Main Hangar Bay: 

Main Hangar Bay or MHB is widely used by troopers of the 32nd Battalion. It is also the battle station of the 501st and 212th attack battalions. They are the Pilots within the Liberator, within MHB there are eight bays that ships may be spawned into. Spawning can be completed by utilizing the "Hangar Manager" and then clicking to spawn whichever vessel you would like. At the rear of MHB you will find Moonpool or MP, this is where ships will mainly leave from. At the front of MHB you will find Nosegate, this is mainly used for smaller vessels to leave from and is also used should Moonpool be blocked and or damaged. Directly above MHB you will find skygate, this will be used for 187th Operations and for 32nd to get a direct line to the topside of the Liberator to clear contacts.

Ships may not Taxi, leave or land inside MHB without Navals permission, an ATC Operator must give clearance to the pilot before preforming any of those feats.