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Below you will find a list of commands that can be extremely useful to you when starting off


Broadcast (/b)
Used to communicate to the entire ship. Primarily used by the Naval to communicate the DEFCONs and by battalion officers to notify the claiming of areas. Not to be used for general in-character chatter. In-character.
Sector Broadcast (/room)
Used to communicate between members within the same area / room, i.e starting and ending simulations. In-character.


Communications (/c, /comms)
Used during events to communicate important information between battalions and during downtime for in-character roleplay. In-character.
Secure Communications (/secc)
Used as a secure line of communication between clones and other members of the Galactic Republic. In-character.

Local Chat:

Group (/g, u)
Used to communicate with members in the same battalion. In-character.
OOC (/ooc, //)
Used for general out-of-character chatter. Out-of-character.
LOOC (/looc)
Used for general out-of-character chatter in a localised area. Out-of-character.
PM (/pm)
Used to privately talk to other players. Out-of-character.
Roleplay (/me)
Using /me will put anything that is said after the command into the third person in relation to your character. 
For example, if you typed "/me takes out his Identification and hands it to the desk clerk" it would be sent in chat as "NAME takes out his Identification and hands it to the desk clerk"


Trainer (/t)
Communication channel for all players with access to the /train command. In character.
Help (/h)
Communication channel for all players with less than 10 hours played or more than 500 hours played. Out of character. (Please do not misuse this channel.)
Staff Sit (@) 
Contacting Staff this Command should be used for a Proper Reason.
(Do Not Call a Staff Member Just for Fun there must be a Good Reason)
.ig You are Stuck. You need a Money Transfer.Reporting RDM.Etc