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First Timer

First Spawn into Server:

Your first spawn into server you will need to create a trooper and add a name. Upon completion you will be spawned into Training Room where you will need to start and then complete your basic training for the server. After being trained you will then need to join a Battalion to be able to really get the full experience of what the server has to offer. Training can be found by holding "C" and looking to the left of your screen.





Battalion Tryouts:

Battalion tryouts are held to increase numbers within a certain Battalion and to give players the opportunity to join a Battalion of there liking. You are able to create multiple characters and join multiple Battalions at one time. You will have to go through rigorous training in order to join these battalions as they only select the best of the best. Tryouts will be broadcasted and signs will be made in order to grab individuals attention (as seen below).



Server Events:

Server Events can start anytime a Gamemaster wishes to begin one. Contacts and event story changes depending on the gamemaster and story they wish to go with. DEFCON's will be an important thing to become familiar with as the event flow will somewhat go along with them (DEFCON's Listed Below).

DEFCON 6: At Ease
DEFCON 5: High Alert
DEFCON 4: Sweep Ship For Tango's
DEFCON 3: Battle stations
DEFCON 2: Protect integral parts of the ship
DEFCON 1: Evacuate


Player VS Player (PVP):

PVP simulations can be held on ship whenever a Gamemaster and or Battalion Officer wishes to start one. They can be done within any Simulation room but will mostly be done in CSR (Citadel Simulation Room). Outside of the room you will find a sign that will state rules for the simulation etc.




Player VS Enemy (PVE):

PVE is a simulation where players can come upon any type of enemy and any type of terrain depending on what the Gamemaster wants. Within these simulations its full on contact against NPC's, kill as many as you can for Republic Credits and Experience Points. Outside of the Simulation Room you will find a sign with rules and they type of PVE you will be going into.