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How Ranks Work

Ranks on this server are used to indicate roles of authority and an inherent chain of command. Battalions have different expectations of what each rank is meant to fulfil, and will award promotions based on your effort and merit as a member of that battalion.

Progression amongst the server is broken down into a series of ranks which are consistent across most battalions, with a few exceptions. The following tables demonstrate rank structures available on the server. Please bear in mind that not all ranks are utilised by certain battalions, or that the function and specific responsibilities of each rank may vary.

Battalion Rank Structure

Most battalions, with the exception of the Jedi Order and the Republic Navy, follow the below rank structure. As before, some of these ranks may be unused in specific battalions, and the responsibilities and expectations held within each may vary.

Rank Abbreviation
Commander CDR
Executive Officer XO
Colonel COL
Lieutenant Colonel LTC
Major MAJ
Captain CPT
Lieutenant 1LT
Second Lieutenant 2LT
Warrant Officer WO
Sergeant Major SGM
First Sergeant 1SG
Master Sergeant MSG
Sergeant First Class SFC
Staff Sergeant SSG
Sergeant SGT
Corporal CPL
Lance Corporal LCPL
Private First Class PFC
Private PVT


Navy Rank Structure

Navy adheres to a unique rank structure that includes a rank group for the ship's admiralty.

Rank Abbreviation
Admiral ADM
Vice Admiral VADM
Rear Admiral RDM
Rear Admiral Lower Half RDML
Captain CAPT
Commander CMDR
Lieutenant Commander LTCMD
Lieutenant LT
Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG
Ensign ENS
Midshipman MIDN
Warrant Officer WO1
Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO
Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO
Chief Petty Officer CPO
Petty Officer First Class PO1
Petty Officer Second Class PO2
Petty Officer Third Class PO3
Crewman CN
Crewman Apprentice CNA


Jedi Rank Structure

The Jedi Order follows an entirely separate rank structure that highlights its own particular chain of command. There are multiple lateral paths and roles within the Jedi Order, and as such the following table only includes the rank groups, rather than the varied rankings within each path.

Grand Master of the Order
Master of the Order
Path Lead