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Planet Description:

Hypori was a planet located in the Ferra sector's Hypori system in the Outer Rim Territories, and it shared a name with the star it orbited. It was a temperate world of small oceans and rocky landscapes rich with minerals, and it had a diameter of 13,330 kilometers. Its atmosphere was breathable. Though the planet was not the home world of any sentient species, it was home to non-sentient windrails and massifs.


Planet History:

During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, a battle took place over the planet. In 37 BBY, the Zabrak Darth Maul spent a month on Hypori with no food or water under command from his master, Darth Sidious. Left to face a horde of assassin droids, Maul survived, dueling his master at the end and losing. He gained the admiration of Sidious, however, and was given the title of Sith Lord. After the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, Hypori was transformed into a droid factory world by the Techno Union and Trade Federation, with its purpose being to manufacture battle droids for the upcoming Clone Wars.

After the onset of the Clone Wars, the planet was the site of the Battle of Hypori, during which the Jedi Daakman Barrek, Sha'a Gi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, K'Kruhk, Tarr Seirr, and Aayla Secura fought against General Grievous and a large army of super battle droids. The Grand Army of the Republic was defeated, and only four of the Jedi survived, rescued by The Muunilinst 10 in their Republic gunship. During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Hypori came under the control of Tyber Zann and the Zann Consortium after the criminal empire took it from Jabba the Hutt.


Player Guide:

A large purpose of this is to be realistic to the scenario. The base should be on a constant state of readiness. A gamemaster can get bored, spawn in a vulture, and attack the LAAT transporting people, or they can go and spawn a patrol near a clone patrol. Obviously this isn’t an excuse to just RDM, but the goal of this is that it’s an event that’s already set up, and gamemasters have to just jump in and participate as much as they want. All that’s needed is spawning and the occasional event characters. 

  • Only CIS ground forces will be able to be spawned. That means B1 droids, Commando & Super Battle Droid event characters, etc.  

  • (NPCs) NO Antlions, Civilians, Zombies, Combines,, Bounty Hunters, etc. The only thing that should be spawned at all for NPCs is CIS droids that are solely there to kill clones. 

Event Characters
  • VIPs should only be used as event characters as a last resort. The reason for this is that it’s a roleplay heavy event, and VIPs are usually only there to kill people in any way they can. You may use them, but sparingly, as a last resort, and above all, if controlled. If you cannot control event characters, you will be held responsible for their actions, as gamemasters always are. Keep in mind there’s more rules and regulations on Hypori, and places like the CR spawn to consider.

  • Commando droids should have a maximum of 4k HP/2k Armor, and should have a vibrosword and E5. The vibrosword should NOT be used on clones, and only be used for combat with Jedi.

  • SBDs should have a maximum of 6k HP/4k Armor, and should have a wrist blaster and arm cannon. The arm cannon should only be used every 5 seconds or so. SBDs should not be sprinting or jumping around, and walk/march towards their target/objective. 

  • Assassins, or DFUs, may be used very sparsely. An Assassin should not appear in quantities more than 2-3 an hour, with either all at once or periodically during the hour. DFUs should have no more than 6k/2k, and should make sense in a roleplay aspect, being relatively focused and not being DFU edgelords. Assassins may be captured and sent to brig if the clones want to roleplay this. They may then be rescued by other CIS forces if the gamemasters so wish. DO NOT POWERGAME TO GET OUT OF BRIG IF YOU INTEND TO BE CAPTURED. NOCLIP IS NOT A FORCE POWER!

  • Scavengers/Bounty Hunters/3rd parties are allowed, but under strict roleplay criteria. The 3rd party has to be there for a valid reason. That means that they have to be there independently of the CIS or Republic (not hired by them to kill people), and have some sort of motive for being there, like scavenging a downed acclamator and passing through the valley, or hired to survey how the war is going by interested neutral parties (like the Hutts). 

  • NPCs should be spawned in sporadic groups, either as a patrol through the valley, a small attack force to try and take over one of the checkpoints, or a full on main assault. NPCs should also have the feeling of approaching the clones. They should be spawned in small groups up to where the players are. The clones need to have time to see the droids and react accordingly.

  • Don’t be a baby GM and use droppods. Droppods should only be used if a CIS ship is in the air, and no ship dupe should be over 200 props.  

  • When attacking the base itself, the only thing that should ever be rushing straight for the critical systems like the generator room are Commando droids, and even then it should be done fairly stealthily. B1s should be fighting like regular B1s would. SBDs should be tanky event characters that are on the front line, and not acting like Commando Droids. 

  • Do NOT pulls spawns out of your ass. How does a commando droid have 6 ceiling turrets on it? How do a small planet’s worth of droids make it into the Generator Room via a single drop pod or the vents? Be realistic in what would be in the base. If you go there just as a Commando, have very limited stuff. If you bring a few dropships with you via the VIP hangar, you’d have more.

  • Vehicles should only be spawned with permission from the CC (Those in command of the base, located in ATC usually). A maximum of 2 Republic Vehicles at a time are allowed, with exception to 104th tanks (1 at a time maximum) and RP ships (3 at a time maximum)

Broadcasting/Telegraphing movements
  • Don’t broadcast your actions, like saying “/b Moving droid forces to Checkpoint 1!”. Forecasting your actions isn’t a realistic concept of war. Have a discernable pattern from the way you’re spawning, like sporadically spawning patrols centered on a part of the map the Republic doesn’t have vision of. A gamemaster shouldn’t spawn near the clones right away, but at least have some build up of droids approaching a base for early warning. This is to make contact more unexpected, and give more of a sense of directionless combat that’s prevalent in actual warfare. 


  • The overall environment should feel like a base on the front lines. Sporadically droids will move across a clone’s patrol route or checkpoint, sporadically they’ll attack. A clone patrol might stumble upon a CIS trade convoy. It’s up the gamemasters that are currently gamemastering for the deployment day to ensure there’s a decent level of immersion and realism to the scenario. Star Wars wise, think Umbara, or The Second Battle of Geonosis. Real life examples would be World War 1 (a large grinder stalemate that barely anything was accomplished despite huge casualties), or the Ardenne Offensive in WW2. 

Server 2 events
  • Server 2 events will only be on the planet of Hypori. This means that they’ll essentially be excursions to other parts of the planet to attempt to accomplish goals. Maps with the same dark and rocky terrain as rishi are to be used. Vanqour or lunarbase are a great choice for this. 

  • Breaks in combat should be every 3 hours. Breaks should entail at least 1 HOUR of COMPLETE downtime (no spawns at all). Downtime will commence after a debrief has completed. If you interrupt the debrief after initiating downtime, you will face repercussions. Passive RP like shipments, scrapping, fortifying, or other activities are completely fine, but no combat should take place. 

  • The outposts that are optionally manned by the republic are neutral outposts that were once built by the Republic, but infrequently manned by them. Think of the outposts as more of a capture point, and Hypori in general being more of a conquest or domination type gamemode, except there’s no winning. 

  • Outposts should not be overwhelmed just to take them. This falls under realistic spawning, but droid waves should be consistent and only be slightly overwhelming. A good idea is to have a set number of droids you’re spawning, and spawn them a decent range away and gradually spawn closer. Ideally it should take 30 minutes- an hour for the CIS to overwhelm a base, assuming the Republic doesn’t respond and send more troops to assist the base. If this happens, continue spawning, but back off if they repel the attack after the third wave or so. 

  • If the CIS are holding an outpost, droids and turrets should be kept at it in order to keep it as theirs. Don’t let them take the base unless they throw many troops at the outpost, or unless they’ve been fighting a war of attrition with the base for a few hours and the gamemaster(s) looking over that base feel that they’ve held it for long enough. 


If you are a gamemaster and are participating in gamemastering for the Deployment Day, one of the event channels will have the name changed to “Deployment Day”. Any gamemasters wanting or already actively gamemastering passively will be in this channel. Anything that happens on Server 1 will remain in this channel, be it 10 droids spawned as a patrol or a full on assault on the base. Server 2 main and mini events will still be required to be in the respective Main/Mini Event Room channels,, but anything that happens on server 1 is to be in the Deployment Day channel, unless there are too many event characters or different things happening at once to require using a different channel for different things. 

Gamemasters are expected to work together. If someone is already doing something on server 1, work with them, or create something new together. Don’t try and muscle through something, like if you want to do a full scale attack and the GM currently doing something just wants to do a patrol, make a compromise and have a patrol wander into a checkpoint and then have an uncoordinated attack from somewhere else, as if simulating different regiments under different command. 

During deployment GMs who are not actively GMing for the event should not be placing things such as props to give themselves an advantage of sorts within the main base, this should for whatever reasons should be handled purely by the GMs currently GMing and for good reason. Why? This completely negates and takes away from battalions such as the 327th, 41st and DU who have in game tools to accomplish this task. GMs are freely able to modify and decorate the external map integrated bases such as the Aegis 1 and Aegis 2 bases. Small encampments are permitted to be spawned in the wilderness of the map. Creating new outposts/bases is fine to do but these dupes should not be excessively large and should have a roleplay method on how it got there in the first place. How did that 200 prop fortress appear on the mountain ridge? This is a roleplay server, use said roleplay to create these structures. GMs who want to create bases such as this should always check with the current GMs running the deployment day.

Content from the GMs currently in the TS GMing will always take priority, if they request for you to despawn your props/dupes so they can get more tick/performance to work with to better their current event/situation then you should do so.