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Rishi Moon

Planet Description:

The Rishi Moon was the sole, barren moon of the planet Rishi in the Rishi system. The moon's surface was frequently barraged by meteor showers.


Planet History:

During the Clone Wars, the moon housed the Rishi Station for the Galactic Republic, where communications were monitored to protect the planet Kamino. The Separatist Alliance attacked the moon during a covert mission, trying to give the Republic an "all-clear" signal to prevent the Republic fleet from protecting Kamino. Although that attack was thwarted, Separatist forces would attack Kamino later in the war. Additionally, the recent discovery of Kyber Crystals on the moon has lead to a permanent establishment of a Jedi Temple near the military base. This will further strengthen the Republic presence in the sector.

Player Guide:
What to do during peacetime

During peacetime on Rishi Moon, Navals don’t have the same amount of power as we had on the Liberator. We serve more as a supportive battalion in this case. Most of our time will be spent on organising PassiveRp for the troopers (always contact the highest active member of the battalion before starting the PassiveRp) and working on our documents. 

Also keep in mind that the ATC still needs to be manned if needed and it has priority over all other activities. We are not given permission to hand out orders towards battalions, battalion XOs and CDRs have the executive command. Ideas on what to do during peacetime can be found below in the “Passive Roleplay Suggestions”. Also, don’t forget to have fun, go to the cantina and have a drink, have a laugh and talk with other Navy personnel and/or other members of other battalions. 

Please keep in mind that we still need to hold our respective image towards others, so you can have fun but behave. All behavior that brings our battalion in a bad daylight will be punished whatsoever. 

For the daily chain of activities, here is a list on how to prioritize your time (this is a guideline, not a restriction on activities):

  • Man the ATC
  • Takes priority over everything. You may also want someone at the main gate to handle controls there too.
  • Organise/follow training 
  • Since we’re not on the Liberator, battlestation training, CIC… can not be hosted, but information on battalions and situational awareness could be trained on no matter the time or place.
  • Organise some PassiveRp
  • Keep the battalions entertained and organize some PassiveRp (ideas can be found below)
  • Work on documents/self study
  • You can always help in updating documents or update your own knowledge by reading our protocols and documents.
  • Have some fun
  • We all play for fun on the server, give yourself some rest and enjoy your time on Rishi Moon, see this as a vacation.

What to do if under attack

If Rishi is under attack, the command will be given to the clone commanders and XOs, our role is to help coordinate the defenses and set defcons in function for the commanders. Keep in mind that we can not give them orders to move towards a specific place or set them in RCTs, all of that is up to the commanders. During an attack, make sure that ATC is manned and the main gate is closed to keep enemy forces outside of our base. We should keep an eye out and read the comms for updates on the situation. We can advise the battalions on how to organise, but the call stays with the highest ranking member of set battalion.

If we are under attack, keep in mind that we need to defend the WHOLE BASE and don’t have set critical points like the Engine Room or Shield Generator. We need to see the whole base as one set point that we can’t lose. Keeping enemy forces outside is our main priority.

Also, don’t have every Naval in ATC, there is a set limit of 4 people, respect this. We don’t want the ATC to be overcrowded and we sure don’t want to lose a high number of Navals if the room gets compromised. The windows can be broken, so this is a real threat. Keep some Naval at the bottom of the ATC, preferably with other clones and Jedi.

Rules, Guidelines, Expectations
  1. All rules that were on the Liberator still apply here.

  2. For obvious reasons, you may not leave the base without being granted permission.

  3. Just as we have it on the Liberator, certain areas are restricted access, such as the brig and engine room. Please be sure to pay attention to AOS signs.

  4. We will possess a similar role to what we had on the ship, such as manning ATC and granting training permissions in comms. However you must realize that you do not call the shots anymore nor enjoy the same amount of influence. The Clone Commanders and Executive Officers will be in command. Treat this as if you are deployed on server 2 but with more emphasis given to the clones. You can also relax, enjoy yourself here! You are in the backlight now and don’t just stay inside the Command Center 24/7.

  5. Medbay is for injuries and emergencies only. No checkups with passive rp please.

  6. Simulation rooms are underneath the base. You will need to take an elevator to get to them.

  7. The only way for the Jedi to get in and out of the base is by transport.

  8. Deployment days will only last 24 hours if everything goes as planned. Otherwise it can last for about two days. This will be done every week or so ideally. 

  9. You are free to do passive roleplay but make sure it is realistic for yourself and for the server without it being downright mingey / unprofessional. I would suggest coordinating with the Republic Pilots, Advanced Recon Force, and the 104th for recon / patrol missions especially. Chill in the Cantina, watch some movies, drink with your friends!

  10. The button opening the front gate requires the rank of 2ndLT+ and when possible naval permissions. 

  11.  WO+ can claim the sim rooms underneath the training fields. Training field can be claimed by a 2ndLT+.

  12.  Any abuse or intentional suicides on the elevators is off limits (AOS).