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Level 1313 | Coruscant Below

Planet Description:

Level 1313 was a level on the metropolitan world of Coruscant, so named because it was located one thousand, three hundred, and thirteen levels from the core of Coruscant, which was accessed by the underworld portal. It was part of Coruscant's criminal underworld and was the location of numerous crimes. 1313 was Coruscant's most infamous level, a dungeon so deep that the world above forgot about it, filled with shattered conduits, fungus on the walls, and criminal gangs.


Planet History:

Not much is know about the history of level 1313 due to its nature and those that dwell within it, plagued with criminals and gangs. Things that people couldn't even begin to explain, and make them question what they are even seeing.

Player Guide:

Enter level 1313...

The ever-escalating galactic conflict continues, war rages on affecting billions across the galaxy. The Galactic Republic has focused all of its efforts into managing the war. With its forces spread out across the outer rim, the galactic capital of Coruscant has been neglected by its own leaders and left vulnerable. The Jedi continue to shift away from peacekeepers to soldiers commanding the war. With the GAR focusing all of its effort towards intergalactic conflict and managing the upper high-society levels of the ecumenopolis and a scarce underground volunteer police force desperately trying to take up the slack, criminal empires and other organised crime syndicates run rampant through the lower levels. With tensions being at an all time high between the upper and lower class populace, the state of the situation has been brought before the Senate. After a controversial debate it was decided that efforts to help stabilize the deteriorating situation in the lower levels were required. A campaign of police recruitment has been advertised across the planet, double the law enforcement droids have been purchased and an increasing number of clone troopers have been rotated out from the front lines to spearhead the new effort in restoring stability to the lower levels starting with the infamous floor 1313.

The Objectives / Capture Zones

Players of the community will be tasked with occupying level 1313 and acting as a peace enforcement force to ensure stability in the city. There will be 6 main capture areas that the battalions will be tasked with protecting throughout the city. 

Port Station
Main Dock
The Plaza
The Slums

GMs may attempt to take these areas from the republic within their narratives, however large scale assaults on these areas should be done in a coordinated effort with other GMs to create an event-like situation.


NPCs (A criminal underbelly)
  • Combine / Misc / Zombies / Antlions / Friendly 

  • For this deployment we are wanting to provide a different experience from what people generally are used to. 

  • There will not be a major CIS force or presence whilst we are deployed here which means no drop pods and no droid armies invading the planet. The main ‘enemy’ should be mainly focused around crime syndicates and other organisations of that nature such as The Crimson Dawn, Black Suns, Pyke Syndicates or you can even make up your own. 

  • The map is extremely large and very versatile. It offers many opportunities for different kinds of combat. It is encouraged to place down friendly NPCs to make the city seem more lively. If you choose to use antlions or zombies there has to be a good reason for them to be used, consider the variety of areas of the map and use these NPCs appropriately. 

Event Characters
  • VIPs can be used freely as event characters. If you cannot control event characters, you will be held responsible for their actions, as gamemasters always are. Standard event characters should have a maximum of 3k HP/1k Armor(More will require SGM+ perms), and can have a vibro, E5 and a variety of other non restricted republic weapons.

  • Assassins, or DFUs, may be used. An Assassin should not appear in quantities more than 3-4 an event. DFUs should have no more than 6k/2k, and should make sense in a roleplay aspect, being relatively focused

  • Vibroblades / Lightsabers are not to be used directly on clones.

  • VIPs will have the opportunity to freely swap to civilian characters to further add to the theme of this deployment. They will be upheld to the standard rules that all players also have to follow. If they choose to commit violent actions towards other players (RDM) they can and will be arrested by CG and even staff members depending on the situation. Extreme mingey players within this role should not be tolerated and VIP watchlists and blacklists will be in effect as consequences. Staff are responsible for the civilian characters and it is not expected of the GMs to deal with them. However if at any point you interact with these characters in a GM capacity i.e. giving them weapons, vehicles, stats, NPCs etc then at that point you are responsible and need to be in the Teamspeak.

  • Spawning is going to be a mix between an event and constant action based deployment. We are in a vast chaotic city bordering on the lines of lawlessness. Hostile NPCs can be in small groups in alleyways, shady establishments and other shady areas for small skirmishes or they can even be spawned en masse within a large criminal operation.

  • Do NOT pull spawns out of your ass. How does a bounty hunter randomly appear in one of the capture areas with 12 other enemies?
    During deployment GMs who are not actively GMing for the event should not be placing things such as props to give themselves a major advantage of sorts within the capture points, this should for whatever reasons should be handled purely by the battalions (327th, 41st, DU) or GMs currently GMing and for good reason.

  • GMs are freely able to modify and decorate the various capture zones such as the slums, spaceports, plaza and terminal areas. Small areas such as checkpoints are permitted to be spawned throughout the map (Do not abuse this and block players from certain areas). Creating new small outposts/bases is fine to do but these dupes should not be excessively large and should have a roleplay method on how it got there in the first place. How did that 200 prop fortress appear in the plaza? This is a roleplay server, use said roleplay to create these structures. 

  • GMs who want to create bases / checkpoints such as this should always check with the current GMs running the deployment day. Content from the GMs currently in the TS GMing will always take priority, if they request for you to despawn your props/dupes so they can get more tick/performance to work with to better their current event/situation then you should do so.

  • Vehicles should only be spawned with permission from the CC (Those in command of the base, located in ATC usually). A maximum of 2 speeders and 3 buggies at a time are allowed. Total of 5 vehicles max.

  • DO NOT dupe and paste HL2 vehicles, this will cause the server to crash.

Server 2 Events
  • Unlike other deployment days Server 2 events may freely occur as normal and do not have to be on Coruscant

Passive Events
  • This map presents numerous opportunities for small to large scale passive events. They are heavily encouraged and should be somewhat constant when possible to help make the city seem more lively.
    A Sprawling City

  • Spawning in random areas consistently without starting an official ‘event’ is completely fine and encouraged. Action / passive Roleplay in this area can be constant and consistent, however the primary capture zones should only be assaulted during a main event.

General Rules


Civilians are able to defend their "area" if trespassers have weapons out. Or refuse to leave after being asked to. 

Civilians are able to retaliate when attacked and damaged, and to defend other civilians (basically just extended BBHC)

Civilians can form named civilian groups which are able to KOS other civilian groups (probably something that would need to be tracked during deployment, if it's worth it)

Hostage / kidnapping:

Kidnapping requires a two-way consent (probably the best for CWRP players since they'd probably mad if they got "powergamed" by getting a shitty counter-roll)

You cannot hold a hostage for more than 20 minutes. After that time the hostage shall be released or executed unless active negotiations/rescues

You cannot kill or kidnap a hostage negotiator. (Milrp rules)


If you are a gamemaster and are participating in gamemastering for the Deployment Day, one of the event channels will have the name changed to “Deployment Day”. Any gamemasters wanting or already actively gamemastering passively will be in this channel. Anything that happens on Server 1 will remain in this channel, be it 10 mercenaries spawned as a patrol or a full on assault on one of the republic capture zones. Server 2 main and mini events will still be required to be in the respective Main/Mini Event Room channels, but anything that happens on server 1 is to be in the Deployment Day channel, unless there are too many event characters or different things happening at once to require using a different channel for different things. 

Gamemasters are expected to work together. If someone is already doing something on server 1, work with them, or create something new together. Don’t try and muscle through something, like if you want to do a full scale attack and the GM currently doing something just wants to do a patrol or passive roleplay, make a compromise and have a patrol wander into a checkpoint and then have an uncoordinated attack from somewhere else, as if simulating different regiments under different commands. 

The key to this entire day is that it feels much more engaging and active. Gamemasters are strongly encouraged to actively participate in helping with the deployment day, and help create more communality within the gamemaster team.

Player Map: