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Skor Base | Anaxes

Planet Description:

Anaxes was a rocky planet located in the Azure sector in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. A majority of its surface was covered with tall, red plant-like life. It was a vital world of the Galactic Republic for its role in protecting the Core Worlds from attacks along the Perlemian Trade Route as well as its shipyards.

Planet History:

Anaxes, situated along the Perlemian Trade Route and on the Coreward edge, was an ancient member of the Galactic Republic, hosting a Republic naval base protecting the Core Worlds from attacks along the Perlemian, as well as prominent shipyards. For centuries, it primarily worked with local defense forces.

Anaxes returned to galactic prominence during the Clone Wars. Remaining loyal to the Republic, in the last year of the war the planet was attacked by a Confederate fleet under the command of Admiral Trench, as part of the Outer Rim Sieges. The Separatists were initially winning the battle, due to Trench's exploitation of a Grand Army of the Republic strategic algorithm captured with the ARC trooper Echo—who was believed to have died earlier in the war. After Echo was rescued from the Techno Union on Skako Minor, Republic forces hacked into the transmissions of Trench's flagship, the Invulnerable, ordering him to commit his forces to the assembly complex—where they would encounter Jedi Generals Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the 212th Attack Battalion. After the droid forces were neutralized, Trench was killed by Anakin Skywalker and his flagship destroyed, and the Republic was able to claim victory.

After the Clone Wars, Anaxes was destroyed by a cataclysmic event, believed to be the result of a catastrophic main reactor failure detonating a massive stockpile of hypermatter in the shipyards. All that remained of the planet was an asteroid belt. Fort Anaxes, a Republic Military base constructed on Anaxes during the Clone Wars, survived the planet's destruction and remained on the planetoid PM-1203.

Player Guide:

Points of Interest

The central operations Centre for the Republic is named “Fort Anaxes”. There are numerous facilities here similar to that which you would find on the ship. Although it’s our main base it is still prone to being attacked, keep on your toes.

  • “ATC” is located inside of Fort Anaxes and will be where your battalion receives their orders from.
  • A small “Village Outpost” can be found towards the South of Fort Anaxes, battalions will frequently be stationed here.
  • Even further South there is an outpost called “Spire”, it’s frequently assaulted by CIS due to the secluded environment.
  • There is a fortified Republic Outpost South-West from Fort Anaxes, this outpost is frequently called “Waterfall Outpost” due to it’s close proximity to the waterfall and the caves below.


  • All rules that apply to the Liberator will also apply on Anaxes.
  • On Anaxes, you’re free to leave Fort Anaxes without ATC permission, do not abuse this trust.
  • There are no predetermined Battlestations, you and your battalion will receive orders from ATC/CC.
  • 2LT+ are able to man ATC, akin to Hypori, those who are manning ATC should be in the Command Center channel so they’re able to communicate effectively. 
  • ATC is treated as if it were 3rd floor on The Liberator. You will be AOS’d if you do not meet the rank requirement or do not have permission to be there.
  • Clones are not allowed inside the Jedi temple unless given explicit permission by GMOTO+
  • Jedi are allowed to force leap outside of Fort Anaxes and the runway, however, they’re not allowed to leap inside of the fort itself.
  • Standing on top of ATC towers is not an arrestable offence, however, you’re still not exempt from other citations.
  • Standing on the ATC/CC Windows and intentionally obstructing the view is FailRP and can get you arrested.
  • Vehicles should only be spawned with permission from the CC. A maximum of 4 
  • Republic Vehicles at a time are allowed, with exception to 104th tanks (2 at a time maximum) and RP ships (3 at a time maximum) Total of 7 vehicles max.
  • Only DEFCON 2 and DEFCON 5 will be used whilst on deployment. This is to avoid confusion with the lack of assigned battlestations and the dynamic attacks which will happen here. DEFCON 2 will function similar to how it does on the Liberator, with the Command Center acting as 3rd floor / ER / Bridge.
  • The decision to host debrief is left to CC.

Fort Anaxes Facilities

There are numerous facilities inside of Fort Anaxes that you need to be aware of, should you ever use them : 

  • Medbay
  • Armoury
  • Engine Room
  • Jedi Temple (LAAT)
  • Debrief
  • Officer Lounge (2LT+)
  • Training Room
  • Claimable Simulation Rooms (CSR, ESR + Southern Hangar.)